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We hope you enjoy these free samples of our music. All were recorded at Fruitbat Studios (our garage) on a tiny BR-8 DAW. I wish we had Pro Tools and knew more about recording back then, but hey, we did what we could. Check our studio website to hear more recent recordings by Zak, Mason, & Hal. We're still planning to re-record a couple of our songs.
--- Hal 2008


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Live video of Zak & Mason  playing with Stir Fry in 12/03
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My Future As Your Past
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Leave Me Alone
mp3 (santized)
mp3 (uncensored)
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  The Lick my Lollipop CD 
Click on the CD to hear a streaming mp3 version of the songs, or here for more information.

songs composed by others
El Schorcho mp3  More Info
Hold On mp3  More Info
Dammit mp3  More Info
Hash Pipe mp3  More Info
Epiphany mp3  More Info
Sweater Song mp3   More Info
That's All mp3  More Info
Closing Time mp3  More Info
The Star Spangled Banner mp3  More Info